The API for Social Network Bot Detection

We use the latest Machine Learning techniques developed over 6 years at University College London and the largest collection of bot data to detect bots with high accuracy.

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Detect fake accounts and botnets

Social Networks are flooded with fake accounts and botnets and the problem is only getting worse. Luckily we can detect them. Simply send us a user ID and we'll tell you with confidence if they're real or fake.


Verify Influence and Engagement

These fake accounts are used to inflate engagement numbers and create the impression of influence. Use our API to verify the authenticity of influencer metrics and ensure you're working with real influencers.


Clean your social data streams

You're only as good as the data you analyse. From spam to targetted astroturfing campaigns, social media insights are becoming inaccurate and manipulated. Use our API to clean your social media data streams.


Secret Sauce


State of the Art Machine Learning

We've been working on bot detection since 2012, before it became a problem and we use the latest machine learning techniques to detect bots.


Largest Collection of Bot Data

Machine Learning needs data to work. We have the largest collection of Bot data in the world, collected over 6 years and we're always adding more.


Bot Ecosystem Knowledge

We have an intimate understanding of the Bot ecosystem and are the first to acquire and analyse new botnets as they hit dark web marketplaces.

Use Cases


Influencer Marketing Fraud

We tackle influencer marketing fraud by verifying that influencers have not paid for fake followers or engagement.


Social Media Analytics

We help social media analytics companies clean their data to ensure they give accurate insights to their clients.


Social Network Protection

We help small social networks protect their platform as their user growth attracts spammers.

Secure and Compliant

We deal with your data using advanced security and GDPR compliant processes

Accurate and Reliable

We're commmited to high detection accuracy and 99.9% SLA


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